May 19, 2010
Eristavi Law Group Named Georgia’s Best Law Firm of 2009

Every year, Georgian magazine Sakhe(l)ebi (Faces &Names) awards individuals and companies nominated by the experts and the media for outstanding achievements in their fields. The recipients are presented with the publication’s golden prize at the annual award ceremony.

In 2010, the publication named Eristavi Law Group best law firm of 2009. The law firm was recognized for its excellence and for introducing ground-breaking products and advisory services in the legal field, including private enforcement services. Eristavi Law Group is the firm law firm in Georgia to receive a license in private enforcement. In addition, David Eristavi was the head of the Private Enforcement Agency and was the key figure behind the Law on Private Enforcement amendments.

The name of Eristavi Law Group is also associated with New Life for Old Tbilisi, a large scale reconstruction project that is being carried out by Tbilisi City Hall, Georgian Builders’ Association and Georgia’s banking sector. Eristavi Law Group is providing legal support for the project.

The law firm was also recognized for its active involvement in charity work. Eristavi Law Group has made significant contributions to assist juvenile convicts, such as donations of computer and fine arts facilities.

Eristavi Law Group raffled off a voucher in the amount of 10000 Georgian Lari at the award ceremony. Georgian cellular provider Geocell was the winner of the raffle.